Am I alone in thinking that DXDesigner's symbol rotation is awful?

Discussion created by martin.j.thompson on May 5, 2011
Latest reply on May 9, 2011 by martin.j.thompson

Just migrated from DesignView to DXD, and I discover that the effort I had gone to to make my symbols (esp. discretes) rotate and have their text properties placed nicely around the newly rotated symbols is now defunct.  As far as I can tell DXD has no way to rotate a symbol other than to just spin everything around.  Even replacing a symbol doesn't work as if you override the text propeties from the library, you change the positioning nicely, but the values get overwritten with whatever placeholders are in the library (except for the refdes if you tick the right box).


Surely I'm not the only one who think this is broken behaviour?  A schematic capture tool ought to provide just the functionality that DV did - allow the librarian to set up the properties once tidyly and everyone gets the benefit?