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    Making new components in DxDesigner without DxDataBook


      I'm trying to figure out how to make new components with DxDesigner without DxDataBook, but I'm running into problems.  To test things out, I created a really simple schematic with the component and tried to forward it to PADS Logic.


      Here are the steps I've done:


      1.  In PADS Layout I made a new library

      2.  I used PADS decal editor to make a new footprint and saved it to the created library

      3.  I select No for making a new part type

      4.  In DxDesigner I made a new writable library and added it to the symbol libraries

      5.  Selected File -> New -> Library Symbol

      6.  I went through the wizard and changed the pkg_type to the same name of the decal I created in PADS decal editor

      7.  Placed the component in a very simple schematic

      8.  In PADS Layout I selected Tools -> DxDesigner

      9.  I specified the DxDesigner project and then clicked forward to PCB

      10.  Recieved the warning "Warning: Attribute type Decal not found, free text attribute assumed"  The components were there with the wrong footprint.


      Any help on where I'm going wrong would be greatly appreciated.