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      Hi All,


      I'm trying to work whit tcl scripts.

      In fact I want to select a property on a symbol in symbol Editor.

      It was just impossible to find a tcl command which do this!!!

      We have a selectitems command, a deslectitems, a clearselection but no selectproperties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Any issue?



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          To do this you have to do a couple of passes, firstly to find the ID of the item and then to select the correct item and modify it. Here are a couple of examples:


          1) Select "Ref Designator" property.


          First find the Ref Designator label and assign to a variable:


          set propertylabelid [prop::getlabel "Ref Designator"]


          Next select the item via the variable:


          nse::selectitems $propertylabelid


          This will select the "Ref Designator" property.


          2) Select pin "A's" Pin Number property.


          set pinid [symbol::getports -search "A"]

          set propertylabelid [prop::getlabel -port $pinid "Pin Number"]

          nse::selectitems $propertylabelid