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7.9.1 update 12... what happened to the not-connected pins?

Question asked by davide.camerano on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by robert_davies

In old 2005 version, to design a symbol of an I.C. with one or more not-connected pins, the NC=x,y,... attribute has to be used. Creating the part in the central library, the library manager read the NC attribute and maps the N.C. pin correctly.

Now in 2007 version the NC attribute/property does not exist anymore, and the N.C. pins are not described in the symbol. Creating the part, the packager compares the pins of the cell with the pins of the symbol and authomatically identifies the N.C. pins.

With the last update (10, 11 or 12 I don't know because I have installed only the 12) this changed, but I could not find naything about this in the documentation or in the release notes: I created the part of the ADG1221 dual analog switches. A 10-pin component with the pin 7 not connected. When I create the part, at the end, closing the pin mapping window, an error message appears: "The part is not complete because pin(s) are not mapped". If I switch to the "Supply and NC" tab I find that the pin 7 is not mapped.

I map it as No-connect, and then I can close the part. That's OK, but why with the previous updates the library manager did it authomatically and now this must be done manually?

Ok... now let's add some difficulties. I have made two symbols for the ADG1221: one represent the complete IC. The other one represent a single switch and is made by two slots. When I create the part with only the complete symbol or with only the 2-slots symbol, then the above described method works. But when I try to create the part including both the symbols (a method that I used lot of times) then, when I run the packager, an error shows up :


PDB ERROR: Some pins of symbol analog:adg1221 were not mapped to gates
on part number 13260653.132.
If a Parts DataBase other than the local one is corrected,
please be sure to run Packager in the overwrite mode or
Forward Annotation in the 'Replace Local Parts' mode. Otherwise, be
sure not to use these modes or the corrections will be lost.

Does this mean that is not more possible to describe a part with more alternative symbols? Or there is a new method to do this?

Someone can help me, please?