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Hyperlynx Analog simulation error - value for model name is missing

Question asked by jiang.wu on May 26, 2011
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I am completely new to Hyperlynx Analog. I am making the first simulation. But when I run the simulation, it always shows errors of "Schematic1.spi(12):error -- value for model name is missing on bipolar junction transistor line. " The errors seemly are pointing to the 4 BJTs  Q1~Q4. I checked hte Schematic1.spi. It looks good to me. Could anyone kindly help me with it? The Schematic1.spi file is following:


R2 N1N164 N-5 3.300000K

Q3 Out N1N189 N1N191 2N6520

Q2 N1N177 N1N164 N1N175 2N6520

Q1 N1N181 N1N155 N1N170 2N6517

Q4 Out N1N187 N1N193 2N6517

D1 N1N155 N1N157 M_1N4001



* Model 2N6520

.model 2n6520 pnp

+ level=1

+ is=3.47028e-14