Lose Cadence LayoutXL after running RVE

Discussion created by henri.revet on Jun 6, 2011


I'm using CALIBRE RVE embedded in my Cadence session.

Before running RVE I'm working in my Cadence schematic window and LayoutXL window.

I'm able to probe my nets and components between these 2 windows.

The LayoutXL probing is using the layers hilite0 to hilite9, cycling them.

Next when I run RVE the probing discrepancies is using the layers y0 to y9, cycling them.

After having run RVE, the ability of cross probing between schematic and layout has disappeared and the probing in the schematic window is now stuck to the last layer used by RVE (yn) instead of cycling with the layers hilite0 to hilite9 like before.

If I re-open LayoutXL, I will be able to cross probe again between my schematic and LayoutXL window. But the probing stay stuck using only the last layer used by RVE (yn).

My only way to go back to normal is to start a new Cadence session.

I do not remember since when I have this problem but it has not been always like that.

Has a mater of fact other colleagues do not have this problem.

I think RVE is creating some hiden files somewhere that are screwing my Cadence session. But where ?

I would like to find them, delete them and start from scratch.

Anybody has an idea where all these files are ?