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    Enabling DRC with component rules


      Never had to use it before: Component Rules. I want to route (and pass DRC) using 3/3 trace/spacing within a BGA area but allow 5/5 rules outside of the component area. I selected component, show rules and assign appropriate values in the DRC matrix but Verify Design (Clearance) continues to flag errors 'distance is less than 5'. All nets connecting to BGA have a general setting of 5/5 but the DRC is not observing the component rules settings. Are there additional settings or processes required to make Component Rules work?

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          Sadly, Component rules do not work in PADS Layout, they only work in PADS Router.

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            Thanks. Router does not appear to be observing the component rules either. I'm assuming it would know these from the Layout database. I can't even find where component rules are displayed in the Router DRC matrix. I rarely use Router so am a bit rusty on some of the menu selections. Any clue on where I find or adjust component rules in Router?


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              To add  rules to a component select the component in Router, right click and do Properties.  When you change the default rules for a component you will see it adds a little red star on the name in the Project Explorer window.


              When routing interactively you can use the Component Rules to start the route from the BGA then do Switch Rules to move to the normal rules.

              The Switch Rules is required in order to tell the system where to end the bounds of the component rule. Without performing
              the switch, you would be operating under the smaller trace width or clearance rules that you set under the component rules for the entire
              length of the route. It is a system requirement that you finish routing to a component without component rules under the regular
              rules mode, which is why you need to perform the Switch Rules when trying to complete the route.


              When autorouting the Router will only use the Component rules if it needs to.