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    PCB update from DxDesigner




      I have a problem, because when I change PKG_TYPE of component in DxDesigner it doesn't get updated in Layout. I forward design with DxDesigner Link. Does anyone know the solution to that?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Maybe I will say what I have tried. E.g. I tried to add ALT_PKG_TYPE property, but still in the Layout in properties window of component I can chose only one decal, which was used in the first place.

          I have noticed that only thing that gets updated in Layout is "Decal" attribute of the component, but it doesn't have its representation in actual pcb decal.


          So I wonder how do you update your pcb's if you do some changes in the schematics including changing of components packages?

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            Layout keeps a local copy of the component.  You need to update the component from the library to see your changes.

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              Check your pads*.cfg file for...


              The problem could be the PADS90.cfg file configuration.

              In the "BeginAlsRules" section remove these lines:
              PKG DEVICE "Part Type"
              PKG PKG_TYPE Decal

              In the "BeginAttPassList" section remove PKG DEVICE from the "General" section to the specific section so it looks like this:
              COM REFDES
              COM $OBJNAME
              COM PADS_ID
              COM SYMTAG
              COM PKG_LOCK

              NET PADS_ID
              PIN #
              NET $OBJNAME

              PIN PINTYPE
              PKG DEVICE
              PKG PKG_TYPE
              PKG PKGORDER
              PKG PKG_GRP | Required for REUSE_BLOCK
              PKG ALT_PKG_LST

              NET NC | Suppresses pcb Warning 6083: Single pin net
              PIN NC | Suppresses pcb: Warning 6094: Pin not connected

              NET PCBCLASS | For pcb class assignment
              NET DIFF_PAIR | For diff pair assignment

              BOARD UNIT
              PKG PKG_TYPE
              PKG VALUE
              PKG TOLERANCE

              The resulting netlist should have the following netlist format..:
              "REFDES" "DEVICE"@"PKG_TYPE"

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                I have tried updating component from library, but nothing happens. I even marked check boxes to update if parts and decals in library are older than those in design. It says that some components are different, decals are different and updates them, but actually decals remain untouched. Probably it updates only part, not decal and I don't know why. I tried many sets of options in update window, but nothing worked. I checked that in Layout library parts have assigned correct decals - those which i assigned in DxDesigner.


                I do not want to mess with cfg files according to Gary's advice since the parts in library get updated after forwarding design from DxDesigner to Layout, also when I create new PCB from the design all component are added with correct decals.

                Does it mean that I have start layout and routing from scratch every time I change package type?

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                  After you update from the library, so the PCB component now has the multiple footprints defined, you need to manually select the proper decal.  Select the component and then <right-click> and select 'Properties'.  Then select the decal that you want from the 'decal' pull-down.