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    Print order wrong


      When printing my schematic the order of the sheets is not correct.  This used to work correctly but now I can't figure out why sheet 1 prints after sheet 2 and 3.  Does anyone know how to fix this or what is causing this?

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          Can you tell us how you are printing?  Are you using File > Print?  Or are you using File > Export > PDF?


          Also, is the schematic hierarchical or flat in terms of its structure?

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            I am using File > Print.


            I don't have the PDF printer license at this time.

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              If you haven't filled out a support request for this, please do so. Our support team can assist in resolving the issue, or relaying it to engineering with more details if required.


              One thing that you might try is: select the sheets in the Navigator; (use shift or control to select multiple pages) and Right Mouse Button Renumber.

              renumber sheets.png

              You may email me personally if desired also, but support is the best method for faster response.


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                I am seeing the same problem. The reordering suggestion did not fix the problem. I have tried printint directly to the printer in which in which case the scalling is off and the pages are scrambled, and tried printing to cute PDF, in which case the cutePDF program can rescale to the currect size, but the pages are still in a scrambled order.

                It seems the print algorythms ignore the page order, and ignore requests to scale to size.

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                  I am also having this problem. The pages have been renumbered, and when I export to PDF they are in the right order.


                  However, in the following scenarios the pages are ordered by the original creation order, not the renumbered order.

                  • Sending directly to the printer (File -> Print)

                  • Opening all pages at once from Navigator (Tabs are misordered)

                  • Cycling through sheets with Ctl-Tab (Uses creation order regardless of number or tab order)


                  This is an annoyance, especially the open all and direct print errors. 


                  Flow Id: EE7.9.1

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                    There is a new tool for this in EE7.9.3 and DxDesigner in PADS 9.4

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                      You can learn more about the new capabilities in our ten-minute video describing what's new in DxDesigner for EE 7.9.3 (and PADS 9.4). The sheet numbering / print order section begins on slide 12.