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How can I open Part Editor in read/write mode from the GUI after using a script to access it?

Question asked by A.Ozenne on Jun 10, 2011
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I am trying to use automation for library management and part creation. I am currently working on pin mapping so I am accessing the Part Editor through automation. I can access the data with my script but then, when I go back to the GUI and try to modify some parts, I get the following message when I open the Part Editor:


Opening "SomePartPartition" read only because it is already reserved by "MyName@MyMachine:Part Editor:".


It looks like there is a lock somewhere. I tried the following simple script to try to close correctly the PartEditor but I still get the message above:


Option Explicit


Dim objPartEditor

Set objPartEditor = CreateObject("MGCPCBLibraries.PartsEditorDlg")



Dim dbFile

dbFile = "C:\Path\to\my\library.lmc"


Dim pdbDB

Set pdbDB = objPartEditor.OpenDatabaseEx(dbFile, False)







Set objPartEditor = Nothing


Do any of you have an idea how to get back read/write access from the GUI?


Thank you.