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Get board outline dimensions in FablinkXE (panel )

Question asked by m.soucek on Jun 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by m.soucek

Hello all,


I have done my own copy boards function, simillar to array placement of boards.

The problem is, that I need to place boards with defined gap between board outlines ( not manufacturing outline - it is bigger, and it is not defined how much )

And for this, I need the board outline dimensions ( extrema coordinates is enough ).

So now, when I run my program from FablinkXE with panel design loaded, I must first run Expedtion on background, take board dimensions from it and then close it.

Not a problem, works good, but it is time consuming ( about 20 secs on our system ), so not very user friendly.


Is there any way, how to get the board outline dimensions (points or extrema) directly in FablinkXE/panel ?