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    PDF output EE7.9.1.


      Hi all,

      I noticed that in this version there is not a posibilities (in menu OUTPUT > PDF output) to use a nice tool to generating pdf documentation. It was easy and fast tool to generate a doc.

      Now there is a Drawing diagram ... it should replace the PDF output??

      If teh answer is YES them I'm a little dissapointed because the tool seems to me not works as I would expect.... the problem is with Display control setting... it still changes .. even if I sawe it locally...strange behaving for me.... I played 3 hours wit it and it was hard work...


      If there is a easy way how to use the "old" PDF output utilities please tell me.

      What I have to say.... I haven't find a way how to print (sent to pdf driver) ALL the sheets at once .. only separated sheets.


      Many thanks for recommendation and help


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          Not a single issue with 7.9.1 PDF generation here (60+ pages designs with hierachical blocks nested several levels) in a single PDF with full navigation.


          1. Obvious, but are you using Block and selecting the proper top hierarchical level?
          2. Corrupt dxpdf.ini ot tool installation?



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            I forgot tell you that I mean PDFoutput in ExpeditionPCB (layout)


            Thank you


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              Hi Martin,


              Try Extended Print in File menu and select Output, click PDF tab. Also you can use Advanced Setup if you want. Hope this can help you.


              PDF OUTPUT IN EXP.JPG





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                Great !!

                This is exactly what I'm looking for


                Many thanks Nightwish

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                  Hi guys,

                  does somebody use Extended Print offten?


                  I configured the sheets and so on and clicked on button OK (strange for me to generate.. but ok) and the file started to generate "pdf". The process finished by not sucessfully opening the pdf... it tells me that the file is corrupted... tried to check the option "Generate multiple file"... it generated only one file sucessfully but after my next generating the process doesn't finished sucesfully (with message the file is corrupted)... strange for me.

                  And I noticed in the generated pdf file:

                  - the bookmarks - names of sheets -  only 1. page has name I inserted... next pages have name sheetx

                  - some layers was not generated (sheet was missing) - generated silkscreen

                  - user layers (DXF_1)


                  Has somebody the same experience?

                  Shall I open SR?


                  Thank you guys


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                    Hi Martin,


                    Just now I did a little test on the PDF creater and it works well for me. No pages missed in my generated file and the name of sheets are ok. The generated silkscreen outline is also there. See picture below and attached file for the detail.







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                      I also generated a user defined layer and it is also in the file. The sheets arrangment is the same as it is in the settings. Also if you take a look at the book mark and the design index, it works. 

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                        Many thanks for your notes Nightwish,

                        the problem is solved


                        I didn't choose any item or layer for one "sheet, page of pdf" and it created corrupted pdf file.

                        Now it works




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                          Hi all,

                          I have a problem with Extended print:

                          - an exported pdf document has some tracks as a simple CENTER line... (see picture 1.jpg)

                          I dont' know how could happend..??

                          I attached a screen shot of part of my layout.. (see picture 2.jpg)


                          Has somebody seen this? What shall I to do to be able to have exported pdf document without center lines??



                          Many thanks


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                            Now it works.

                            I had to change the track width (0.2mm) to bigger value....e.g. 0.21mm..... strange but it works for me... now I see the right widht of track in generated PDF.

                            Seems it's bug.