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Wont Route and doesnt say what to do, how to Route?

Question asked by ibradleyallen on Jun 15, 2011
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This is a basic question.  Im evaluating PADS and want to get familiar with the Routing tools in particular,


What I did was make a simple design with a 40 pin connector, an 8751 microcontroller and 82786 chip (ethernet).  i only started to do the wiring and have maybe 10 connections.  Went to Layout and arranged the components.  Went to Route but it would not start.  The response text there says this:


Cannot route design with open  board outline.


Ok, WHY?  that sounds like a simple error, problem is I cannot find any documentation to explain it, and various searches even google wide do not find what this is referring to or how to satisfy the router.  What I expect is to have some code # to associate with, or at least a further explanation of what to do.  What is "open board outline" ?   Does this mean there is no pcboard defined?