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    Power symbols




         I am having trouble with power symbols.  In sheet 1 everything is fine.  In sheet 2, when I RMB and select Power synbol,  The only option is the chassis gnd.  Ican do  ctrl tab and nothing happens.  Any ideas? 



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          Is this a DXD question or a PADS Logic question?


          In PADS Logic you get Power Symbols with <Shift><space>.   The symbols are defined as lines in one of your libraries.  If you aren't using the standard libraries did you forget to copy the other symbols?  Perhaps page 1 already had the symbols loaded from before the library set was changed.

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            I am using logic and I know about shift space.  It is when I try to sequence through the different power symbols tha tI have a problem.

            It has been a very long day I am headed home.

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              I misspoke; the power symbols need to be 'Logic' symbols in one of your libraries.  In the library manager when you click 'Logic' and search for '*' you should see symbols like +12V, +5V, +5VA, -12V, -5V, CHGND.


              I've never seen this page to page variation, so if my library explanation doesn't help I suggest a service request.

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                I located the Power symbols in the Pads common library.  I removed all my libraries and left only the common library.  Then I did a Tools/ Update from library and this fixed the problem.  The "Net' symbols are actuall parts with multiple logic gates.  They are listed at the beginning of the list with a $ prefix. For example: Power symbols are $PWR_SYMS.  This was a frustrating experience, but I did learn how power symbols are set up.   Thanks for your help.