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Thru Hole - Anti-Pad

Question asked by bobby on Jun 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2011 by david.ricketts

Ok so let me try and explain my issue.


I have a need for a single pin thru hole component with only a Primary Side pad (no plating, no Secondary pad). This is easily done, I know. However, the issue arises due to the fact that I need a clearance of 5-10mils from the edge of the hole to the pad... leaving a gap between the pad and hole. I too can do this. Unfortunately, PAD's gives me a connection error whenever I run DRC connection check.


Now, the pad is available to route to, the route is connected to the center of the pad but I still get an error. If I add the secondary pad and plate the hole the error goes away.


I would suspect that the issue is with a rules violation. Can someone please explain how to make this work?