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    How to have thermal pads on all GND nets


      Hello All,


      I'm new to pads layout i have designed a 2 layer board using layout and one problem what i'm seeing is i'm not able to have pad thermal around the hatch outline for all the gnd pins. I have pour copper on both layers and assigned GND to it. I have seen lot of boards where in the GND pin is stiched to the hatch outline with a thermal pad.


      It would be great if anyone can give some suggestions.

      Thanks in advance.


      attached image for reference.




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          Under <Tools><Options> select the 'Thermal' tab and then check 'Routed pad thermals'.


          I typically don't want what you are showing, and only want thermals if I haven't already routed the pad manually so I uncheck this.  Sometimes you have to watch that there may be a very small stub of a trace under the pad that is connected to the pad.  You need to select 'traces/pins/unroute' and then select the pad.  Hit <tab> repeatedly and see if any tracks get highlighted; if they do delete them.