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    Adding an inline name to only 1 half


      Not sure if this is meant to function like this, so can somebody please clarify?


      For an inline connector, we are only adding a name to one half of the inline (in this example, the MALE half).


      New Picture (6).bmp


      If I then export a DSI file, both wires which terminate at either side of this inline receive the same name & pin.


      Also if I import a harness DSI file to update the wires, then it treats the wire that I dont have a named end for (i.e. the FEMALE half) as the same name as the MALE half.


      I just need to know if this is a feature...?

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          Hi cshaw332,


          It is a known limitation in VeSys Classic, one that does not exist in 2.0 .  With Classic the inline is treated as a single object, with an attribute for the MALE/FEMALE name.




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            VeSys was intended to function in the way you described.  The reason for this was that some of the users required the same Connector ID on either side of an inline, to support this VeSys allows you type in the Connector ID in one field and its applied to both connectors.  This is quite a quick and easy way to do this and it would be interesting to see how you place and apply the same Connector ID's in VeSys 2.0


            Looking at your drawing it appears that you have an inline between 2 connectors which are in the same harness and from your comments you don't want both sets of wires to be joined in an inline?  If you could explain what you are trying to show then there is likely a workaround for this limitation.