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DxDatabook Verification

Question asked by MrDoctor on Jun 29, 2011
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I have a problem with verification. This is how it comes to this: using DxDatabook I place part on the schematic, then I perform verification and DxDatabook says that there is no match. In the mean time I didn't change any of the properties, so there should be exactly one match. Further I double-click in DxDb on part without match to see details, one of the properties is marked red. It is first column in my library with integer values assigned. To make a match I can either remove this condition or change it from "=" to "like".

So my question is why DxDatabook cannot find the match during verification while parts added to the schematic were unmodified and all of their properties are exactly like in the library?

I think it might be related to the "dbc" config file. I noticed that in this file, when opened in text editor, each column of each table has some attributes and values assigned to them. Among them is property "ValueType". For the troublesome column it has assigned value "2" while for the other "1". Why is that? I didn't find any option during configuring DxDatabook to distinguish it. When I edited this manually in config file from "2" to "1" Hierarchical verification started to find matches, but Live verification still indicate yellow icon - multiple matches.


Can expert put some light on this issue, please?


Thank you in advance.