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    Why Calibre identifies the line-end as "Pin"?


      Hi Guys,  I failed LVS check, afterwards, I clicked RVE to locate the first error (3 missing connection) to see what happened. In layout viewer.


      Green:   Active area (diffusion area)

      Blue:     Metal 1

      White:   Via12


      Actually, this is a NAND logic gate. After double checked, I make sure all input pins and output pin are connected to external wire.


      From that "bold frame" generated by Calibre. I guess Calibre might indicate those 3 line-end of pin "Y" (rectilinear shape with 3 lien end) missing connection,but those 3 ends should connect to active area, especially it really does, no problem! On the other hand, those 3 ends are not "pin", why Calibire identified it as "pin"?


      I tried change "LVS SOFT SUBSTRATE PINS  YES|NO", but failed.



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          Hi 51tz,


          Is this for a lower level cell, during a hierarchical run?


          Lower level cells usually get their pins only because there are connections from devices in the cells, up to something outside the cell like top level ports or devices in other cells.


          In the LVS report, was it just the one discrepancy for the missing connection? Maybe just for the source, or just for the layout? Or were there different discrepancies for missing connections in both the layout and source?