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    Removing solder mask


      Hi guys,

      1- I have associated copper to some pins of a high power component. How can I add stitching  vias to the associated copper? Looks like impossible.

      2- If I don't use associated copper and use copper plane, how can I remove the solder mask from this copper plane. It seems that copper plane will have solder mask on it and because of this I used associate copper not to have any solder mask over it.


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          1.  Select the net the copper it on, and then right click and select 'add via'.  If the copper isn't on a net I don't believe you can add vias.  Others may have more insight.


          2.  Draw a 'copper shape' on your solder mask layer.

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            Hello Ranvari,


            You can do both in numbers of different ways.


            For item 1 - select net in question - RMB 9right mouse button) - select Add Via command and add desired vias inside geometry representing this Copper.


            For item 2 - if the Associated Copper is part of Decal, in Define CAM Documents select Solder Mask for this layer,  select Edit, select Layers, select Layer 1 or Solder Mask layer (depends where this copper is), select in Items on Primary - Pins with Associated Copper check Pads, Open Copper and Filled Copper or just what is applicable.


            If it is just a piece of Copper on Layer 1, create same piece of Copper on layer Solder Mask Top. For that you can use standard Windows Copy - Paste command. After pasting new copper piece, change Properties for the new Copper shape to be on correct Solder mask Layer.


            Regards, Yan

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              Thanks for your good and helpful answers.