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    Find Pin 1 indicator?


      When creating a cell using Cell Editor usually we will also add the RefDes for the cell and the silkscreen outline. But after the cell is placed on board if I select the RefDes or part number the cell will be heighted and if I select the silkscreen outline or move the pin 1 indicator, the part will not be heighted. Because during layout PCB designer may move the pin 1 indicator or move it by mistake, so I want to know if there is a way to indicate the pin 1 indicator is for which part when moving it. Another question is if the pin 1 indicator is missed when creating a cell, is there a way to find out this problem by Valor?







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          Mr. Nightwish,


          The behavior you are seeing is by design, although I think it would be a good suggestion on the Ideas site.




          As for Valor, it is a DFM checking tool looking for violations that can cause Manufacturing Errors. You could argue that this could cause an issue, but I do not know of it being able to check for "Missing" silkscreen features. This sounds like another good Idea.


          Good Luck,

          Vern Wnek

          (or as some friends call me "Batman" )

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            Hi Batman,


            Thank you for your reply and I think I will have to post this in the Idea site and hope Mentor can do something on this.

            The reason I post this question is one of our PCB designer moved a Pin 1 indicator from a IC to another chip component during layout but he didn't noticed this mistake. When the EE want to attach the devices on board they found the IC is missing Pin 1 indicator and don't know how to do. So if the PCB designer can find the error during PCB layout then we can avoid this kind of problem in PCBA. I think it is better when selecting the Pin 1 indicator during layout there will be a tip window pop up showing that this indicator is for which part.





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              I would post your IDEA, then post the number here so others can vote for it.


              But having been a PCB Layout Manger, here are some things I placed in my team  Final Checklist, that may help your process.


              1. I always stressed that the final board database going out the door,must match the Central Library, so

                   a. Always do a Final Forward and Backward annotation to sync the database with the current library using the Update Switch in Project Integration.

                   b. If Needed - Use the ECO > Replace Cells... command, make sure the Keep Text Attributes switch is checked. This will update all of the cells. We did this because sometimes Silk Screen features could be deleted by accident. This Command restores them, and does not move your Ref Des back. It can be a life saver when used properly.


              2. Are you using 7.9.2 yet??? If so, here is something that can help.


              See U302 and the Pin 1 Marker



              I move the Pin 1 Indicator...



              Use the Analysis > Verify Cell Instance Changes... I have just chosen 1 part to check. Notice the Hyperlinks in the Output Window that will Jump you directly to any differences found. By setting up this Report to your needs, it can check for many Instance Changes within your design. It found the PIN 1 Indicator move




              I hope this will help with your teams designs.


              Good Luck,

              Vern Wnek (Batman)

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                Hi Batman,


                Thanks for your suggestions and now we use EE2007.9.1 and have not upgraded to 7.9.2. Later we will have the latest version installed and then I can use the Verify Cell Instance Changes in your mail below to check whether the cells on board match the ones in central library. I think we can post this in Idea site and hope Mentor can improve this.





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                  Understanding your requirements. I would like to tell the background for Legend checking in Valor.

                  1 first, Valor can check the text legend for the pin 1, but not graphics legend. In fact, the lpin 1 legend check was requested by our company nine year ago.

                  2 secondly, you can not expect to always visually know which legend text belongs to it's associated part, so it doesn't have much meanings at ll

                  3 EE7.9.1 have added a new property for pin(pin text). whiling you click the pin text, the pin will be hilighed,also the part





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                    The Pin Text seems to be a good property but when I place the pin text in Cell Editor and try to save it the Cell Editor crashed and closed. I think I will have to ask the Mentor AE in Shanghai for help.





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                      Hi ,


                         In valor there is an option to check the pin #1 for polarized components ,but the result is not consistent .some times it will take dot marking as the orientation indication ,but the 1 marking and other symbols like arrow marking not taken as orientation ..So eventhough the polarity marking given ,it will report no orientation indication for the components....So we forced to check the orientation by manually after running through valor..



                      Thanks and Regards