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    Highlight Net Under Mouse




        I am bouncing back and froth from PADs and Altium and I am back in PADs right now. Getting experience with AD has actually made me think more about PADs features that I never bothered to learn. So, now I am exploring PADs a little deeper and I was wondering:


           Is their an option in PADs that highlights nets as you simply move the mouse over pads, vias or traces?


      Also I really learned to appreciate Push and Shove. Is that a default feature in Router as it does not seem to exist in Layout? I never got into using router and I was wondier if anyone would share experiences with the router/layout setup. It just seems like 2 different programs that should belong integrated?



      Bob K.

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          I'm also searching for this feature.


          Any suggestions?






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            as far as i know there is no option to automatically highlight if you simply move the mouse over the objects


            and coming to the router, i will complete the placement part in the layout and then i will switch to router for completing the connections

            and even the push and shove option will be very useful in a dense design

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              Hello Sravan,


              thank you for your answer!


              When coming from other CAD packages, manual routing with Pads Layout and Pads Router is not very comfortable.


              I'm missing to get an easy overview of the different kind of nets I've to route.


              I've found the feature that I can attach colours to specified nets.

              Unfortunately, it ist not possible to use these defined colours only for the unroutes (pads and vias are also using these colours).


              I'm also very dissapointed that there is no easy way to highlight nets.

              In the past I was used to hover over the unroutes, traces, etc. and all the belonging objects were highlighted.



              Best regards,



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                David Ricketts

                There is not an option to do that by hovering, but you can show net names on traces from the Display Colors Setup.


                Push and shove works extremely well in Router. It's called Router for a reason. While a case could be made for integrating the two programs, they each have useful features that would probable get lost in such an effort. Since it only takes a button press to switch between them, it's not that big of a deal.

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                  Hello David,


                  thank you for your comments.


                  I've also activated the feature to show the net names on traces, vias, etc.

                  But this helps only if you are on a large zoom level.


                  And I also switch often between Pads Layout and Pads Router to do my work efficiently.

                  But there is a minor problem: when I switch from Layout to Router or vice versa, the design link to Pads Logic gets lost (no component highlighning, etc.) and must be reestablished.



                  When I startet to use Pads at the beginning of the month, I was a little bit confused.

                  There are two schematic entries (DxDesigner and Logic) and two layout tools (Layout and Router).

                  And there was not much help about the differences of the tools.

                  Personally I prefer one Schematic and one Layout tool with a similar user interface (keyboard shortcuts, mouse functions for selection and zooming, etc.)