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Highlight Net Under Mouse

Question asked by rkondner on Jul 3, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by Florian



  I am bouncing back and froth from PADs and Altium and I am back in PADs right now. Getting experience with AD has actually made me think more about PADs features that I never bothered to learn. So, now I am exploring PADs a little deeper and I was wondering:


     Is their an option in PADs that highlights nets as you simply move the mouse over pads, vias or traces?


Also I really learned to appreciate Push and Shove. Is that a default feature in Router as it does not seem to exist in Layout? I never got into using router and I was wondier if anyone would share experiences with the router/layout setup. It just seems like 2 different programs that should belong integrated?



Bob K.