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Automation for Pcb browser

Question asked by Head1 on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by Head1

Hello Everybody,

  In last months I have written some Vb6 programs for Pcb Expedion, and they works fine.


  To connect Expedition I have   used the lines:

           Dim My_app     As MGCPCB.Application

           Dim My_Board As MGCPCB.Document


   To check the license I used the following:

                Set My_app = GetObject(, "MGCPCB.Application")

                If (My_app Is Nothing) Then .....


               Set My_Board = GetLicensedDoc(My_app)


And function  GetLicensedDoc inself:


     Public Function GetLicensedDoc(appObj)

           Dim  licenseServer,My_Board, L_Token,

           Set My_app = GetObject(, "MGCPCB.Application")



    So, everything works fine for Pcb Expedition.


    Now, I have to write a small Vb6 program for PcbBrowser, and could not

    find any docomentation how to write the RED lines. ( for pcb browser.)


    I understand they must change because I refer to a different application.

    Can anybody write please the syntax of the RED lines for PCB Browser ?