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Gold Fingers

Question asked by wolferm on Jul 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by Mentor_JanetD

Hello All,

Question about settign up gold contact fingers in PADS.

Haven't used fingers in quite some time.

But question is how do you set them up in PADS.

Do you make the plating bar in draft or copper? I ssume draft is better in this case as DRCs would be ugly.

Or do most PADS users not set up the plating bar and let fab house do it? I was always used to adding the plating bar.

I need to colaborate on how symbols will be made 1 part or two (top/bottom)

But that aside, if two parts, when making top & bottom, better to create as top pads only then in pcb push top bottom part

or when making the bottom set use "opposite Side" for pads or "Bottom" for pads?

I know how I would  be setting these up in other CAD systems, but would like a best approach from other users.