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DxDesigner 2005.3: Update an existing symbol with different pincount and different cellname

Question asked by markus.reich on Jul 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by artsiom.shchatsko


we have following scenario at the moment:

We have a packaged design and an existing layout (both are in synch).

We have one part in the schematic which has a 6 pin definiton in the Central Library. Now we want to update this part to a 4 pin symbol and a different cell name.


The exchange in the schematic is no problem but how do I handle the layout and the central library?


Our proceeding was, that we updated part in the central library (via an automated script using HKP). After that we packaged the design using "Update local library with newer central library" and after that we wanted to forward annotate in Expedition.

Since we have some modified cells in the layout, we don't want to update the local library. So we tried to update the part via "library services". But this wasn't possible either, since the pincount of the old cell differs from the new cell.


Is there a way without updating the local library in expedition? How can this be done?


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