DxDesigner : Remove instance value (OAT) on an Attribute

Discussion created by recipon.ausy on Jul 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by a.sassano


Fon unknown reason (import from old schematic ?) we have several hierarchical schematics which contains components with propreties defined as instances (OATs...). Now on we want to use one block several times and we would like to remove those instances and copy value to component value.

I'm able to do the copy, I would also like to remove those instance values (to be sure it won't be reprocessed later)

I tried :

       objAttr.Value = objAttr.InstanceValue

       objAttr.InstanceValue = ""


but it only put an empty string into instance and don't remove it.

How can I remove this instance ? I don't find any function to do so.


Thank you and best regards.