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Ref Designators not to be visible

Question asked by wolferm on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by wolferm

Hello All,

Making a Ref Des not visible I see two options.

Some from other systems because you could not actually make them invisible you had to make the text say 1mil x 1mil

so it becomes a non readible dot.

However in PADS we have the ability to "SHOW" either value, name & value, full name & value or none.

My question is I have seen it done both ways with designs I have had to take over on.

If you have the ability to do "none" why wouldn't you?

I see that once you set it to none however it is gone, I would think then if you wanted it back you wopuld have to add another label back correct?

Just wondering what effects this has on database of design, with the "none" option it still is considered that designator in the the design

just not displaying it correct?

Reason I ask is other systems let you make it "Visible" or not, in my mind a better term or way of doing it.

It seems in PADS this may actually be removing the designator label? & like asked need to add it back, but still keeping record of it in system?

I've been setting it to "none" but really wwanted a better understanding of how PADS really is handling this?

Or which really is the better or recommended means to make a Ref Des invisible in PADS?