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      Has anyone tried out the free 2D drafting software from Dassault Systemes (SolidWorks) called Draftsight?  The appearance and features are very similar to AutoCAD 2008.




      Since AutoDesk no longer supports 2008, would it be possible to adapt VeSys 2008.2 to run on DraftSight or is it too dependent on AutoCAD?

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          You are best off going to the Draftsight forum and asking there

          or maybe the SolidWorks forum since many people there have tried it.


          I gave Draftsight a try but decided to stick with DWGeditor, their previous free 2D CAD

          Draftsight is not an AutoCAD replacement, it is more for SolidWorks users who may have an occasional need for AutoCAD without having to buy it.

          Draftsight replaces DWGeditor, their previous product for this purpose. DS ran afoul of trademark infringement, and had to change the name, and I believe either elected to change the look & feel (or had to) because DWGeditor had the look and feel of AutoCAD.


          BTW, the LISP in Draftsight does not work

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            Thanks, I have discussed Draftsight on SolidWorks and Draftsight message boards.


            I was more interested in finding a way to adapt Vesys classic to run in Draftsight since Dassault is currently supporting Draftsight whereas Autodesk no longer supports 2008.


            Draftsight has been handy for our engineers who don't have a CAD license, but need to open and edit dwg files for our Drafting department.  Before Draftsight's release, they were using CADopia, which didn't seem to function as well as Draftsight.

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              I imagine it would be quite a big task to port VeSys over to Draftsight, I'm not familar with Draftsight but it may not even have an API like AutoCAD does.  The main problem is that VeSys Classic is no longer being developed and so isn't being compiled to support the latest Operating Systems (such as Windows 7) or the latest versions of AutoCAD (2010 onwards).

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                Draftsight does have an API, but you have to pay for it

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                  Ahhh ok so if the API is as comprehensive as AutoCAD then it might be possible to get VeSys to run on it.  As I said in a previous post it would likely require significant changes to VeSys in order to do this, it would be much quicker/easier to compile VeSys to suit the latest version of AutoCAD/Windows.

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                    Unfortunately, there are no plans to port VeSys Classic 2008.2 onto Draftsight (or any other alternative to AutoCAD).   Mentor Graphics have since released VeSys 2.0 which does not require any 3rd party application support, however several VeSys 2.0 users (partners & distributors) are using Draftsight alongside VeSys 2.0 Symbol for the creation of complex connector graphics (for later import into VeSys 2.0 Symbol).


                    I hope this helps,


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