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I was asked by a customer if I could find a way to read a pin xy coordinate file into Expedition in order to populate a cell with pins, thousands of pins. Well, as the typical pin count for this customer is in the thousands, creating a cell like this manually is a little inconvenient to say the least. I looked at automation scripts others have written, but they crashed when the pin count exceeded 200-300 pins (worse with alpha numeric pin names).


The attached efm script has been written around some code Mike Walsh originally wrote to test the limits of library editor automation. The main benefit being that it does not suffer any pin count limitations. OK, the other benefits are that it has a GUI and the ability to read comma, tab and semicolon delimited input files. The script will be added to AATK at some point, but I would like to post it here also. There's a comprehensive Help file which explains features, input file formats and limitations.


If you're interested, save the attached file to your AATK folder and then RMB 7-Zip->Extract Here. It uses AATK envioronment variable so best to install the toolkit as well.



To run the script, drag and drop ...\AATK\FlipChip\Libs\File2CellGen.efm into your Expedition editing window. The format of the input file should be something like the example below. Don’t forget to create the padstacks first. Minimum input data required is the [PINS] section to import. The GUI will guide you the rest of the way. Each section requires its associated header in square [ ] brackets. Use commas, tabs or semicolons as field separators.




NAME,Cell with fiducials

DESCRIPTION,Description of imported cell















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