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    Full Vehicle schematic for analysis.



      I'm returning to Vesys after some time away doing other things and I have a question about circuit analysis.

      I am currently creating a full vehicle schematic for the purpose of carrying out analysis such as volt drop, wire gauge etc.


      The vehicle in question is quite modular in design, i.e. it is a base vehicle + a number of options.

      My first thoughts on creating the full vehicle schematic are to create a base vehicle and have the options as a number of layers.

      Will circuit analysis work correctly in this format?


      For example

      Base vehicle (layer 0) + option 1 (layer 1) = vehicle level 1

      Base vehicle (layer 0) + option 2 (layer 2) = vehicle level 2


      Does vesys carry out circuit analysis on just what is displayed on the screen or are all layers always 'visible' to the analysis?

      It there a proven way of model a full vehicle with options or does each vehicle variant need to be in a separate drawing?




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          Hi Gray,


          First, welcome back.


          When VeSys Classic performs an analysis it uses all connectivity, even if you are hiding connectivity using AutoCAD layers, therefore you will need to duplicate your drawings (DWG files) and manually de-populate in order to simulate one particular vechicle configuration.


          This is unchanged with VeSys 2.0, although the capabilities of performing analysis are greater.




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            Just to add to Nuri's post above,

            Capital Logic, which is a sister product to VeSys 2.0 design, has this capability to filter out parts of the connectivity even from a simulation perspective. This is achieved by using options or configurations to filter out connections and devices on the design dynamically. Background simulation will then use only the 'visible' connectivity for its results.