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    compare schematics


      I have 2 versions of schematics(sbk file) which are designed by DesignCapture. I want to make sure if these 2 schematics are complete same.

      Does anybody know a easy way to compare these 2 schematics?  it's time consuming to manually compare each page of them.

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          Is there a netlist comparison function in DesignCapture ? or expedition PCB ?

          If this function does exist, maybe i can export the netlist of each schematics first, then use this tool to compare 2 netlists.

          Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance. 

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            We have been using a tool called DocTar by Cadalist Enterprises LLC,




            This tool is very flexible and can review multiple netlist formats and evern "unencrypted" hkp files.

            The output results are in a clean XLS and HTML layout which we are very satisfied.


            We have used this tool for several years and we have saved several thousand $ by preventing

            errors in schematic changes, defect detections in the iCDB & potential bad designs.


            Chris Smith

            Application Support Analyst | PCB Services

            National Instruments |www.ni.com




            What is Doctar?



            Doctar is a PCB comparison tool that takes the ASCII or netlist output from 2 design sources and labels the distinct

            differences between them in a Excel and/or HTML base output.


            This tool can also do comparisons between Gencad (MFG placement files), Netlists and the following formats:

            PCAD, Protel, GenCAD, OrCAD,PADS PowerPCB, Allegro, Expedition, BoardStation



            What differences can it detect?

             Pins: added, deleted or moved to a new x/y location, renamed, renumbered

             Components: added, deleted, rotated, renamed or moved to a new x/y location, values and tolerances changed

             Etch Lengths: etch length changes sorted from longest to shortest

             Test points: added, deleted or moved to a new x/y location, assigned to new net, multiple test points on a net,

            single pin nets, test points too close to a deleted probe location

             BOMs: new, changed and retired components reported by RefDes, part number and quantity

             Netlists: component & connection changes (add, delete, renames, single pin nets



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              Hi ,


              Is there any free version of tool that could compare netlist and BOM files