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    Problem with displaying component properties


      hello everybody,

      Sorry if my english is not really good but I'm french. I'm actually working on a design with dxdesigner and I would like to know how can I modify the properties of a kind of component. I mean if I want to display the tolerance in the resistor automatically how can I do? Here is someone who can help me?



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          Salut Quentin,


          Default visibility of the properties are set in the CentLib.prp file which is the property file associated to the Central Library you point to in your project. This file can be edited graphically through Library Manager that you can launch directly from DxDesigner (Tools>Library Manager). From within Library Manager you go to Tools>Properties Definition Editor and you click on the Advanced button to see the options for the selected property (Tolerance in your case). You'll probably find out that the Visible option is set to No. Chnage it to Yes and it should do it!


          Excellente journée!