IBIS-AMI edges too fast for s-parameter bandwidth

Discussion created by david.royle on Jul 29, 2011
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I have a device whose IBIS-AMI model produces a 1-2ps rising edge (inferring hundreds of GHz of bandwidth) . However, my s-parameters (QSFP connector for example) are only characterized to 20GHz (and with warnings not to simulate risetimes more than 25ps).

Does Hyperlynx handle this gracefully, like looking at a 250GHz signal with a 20GHz scope, or will I expect aliasing to render the 20GHz bandlimited result unreliable?


The s--parameter notes also caution that, even with risetimes > 25ps,  the time resolution of 25ps is not adequate for most time domain simulations unless "tricks such as windowing are used to minimize leakage and aliasing".

Does Hyperlynx include these tricks?