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DxDesinger 7.9.2: Automation: Read out active board name

Question asked by markus.reich on Aug 2, 2011
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I have following problem:

I have an open schematic sheet which belongs to Board1. I have a script which calls the partlister, but I first need to find out, which board is active at the moment. There are also some other boards in my project.

Dim dxdview:  Set dxdview = dxdapp.ActiveView

Dim dxdblock: Set dxdblock = dxdview.ActiveBlock

Dim CurBlock: Set CurBlock = dxdview.block

dim CurBlockNamePage: CurBlockNamePage = CurBlock.GetName(0)


CurBlockNamePage returns only the name of the active shematic. I also tried to use dxdview.TopBlock without success



Does anybody know, how I should proceed?


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