Event monitoring cause segmentation fault

Discussion created by jbaron on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2011 by htbang

Hi everyone,


Im testing several thing with mgcscript under linux. Recently, I tried to monitor the "Quit" event on ExpeditionPCB application and it cause a segmentention fault:


mgcscript: line 77: 27714 Segmentation fault      ${SDD_HOME}/${SDD_COMMON}/${SDD_PLATFORM}/_bin/${EXECUTABLE_NAME} "$@"


I was wondering if someone already had this error of if someone can test it on its side so I know if its my configuration that is wrong.


The code is pretty simple:


Option Explicit


Dim dontExitBool

Dim pcbAppObj


Set pcbAppObj = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication")

Call Scripting.AttachEvents(pcbAppObj, "pcbAppObj")

dontExitBool = True

While dontExitBool




Function pcbAppObj_Quit()

    dontExitBool = False

End Function