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    Decal origin


      Hi all,


      I'm new to pads layout.  I wish to change the origin of the decal to the midpoint of the decal in the decal editor.

      How can i change the origin?Could ou please give a solution.




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          1) If the origion is at pin 1, select pin which is diagonally accross from it

          RMB/Properties/ get the X and Y dimension, divide it in half


          Type S x y   .................... {S ------------ Stands for search}

          hit space bar then Yes.




          2) Calculate the center from the current origion


          Type the value    { S x y}


          S ------------ Stands for search


          3) Help/Search

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            Instead of typing "S x y" for "Search x y", try "SOA x y" for "Set Orgin Absolute x y". Also you can use "SO x y" for "Set Orgin x y" relative.


            Also, check out Help/Modeless to review all of the Modeless commands.