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    Relative length


      Hi all,


      Is there any method to measure the relative  length while drawing the 2-D lines for a decal in the decal editor?




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          Hello Anupama,


          When you start creating 2D Line, as you move your mouse, lower right corner will show D:xxx number which is a delta you have drawn this segment of 2D Line.


          Another way to draw 2d Line is using coordinate input from your keyboard:


          1. 1.     Make sure your Grid setting will correspond to your numbers or you can enter Grid 0 (zero)

          2. 2.     Start drawing 2D Line by clicking with LMB (left mouse button) for the fist corner

          3. 3.     type on your keyboard SR (Search Relative) and new X and Y coordinates, enter

          4. 4.     Cursor will jump to this new position - DO NOT TOUCH YOUR MOUSE

          5. 5.     Use space bar on your keyboard - this place a new corner


          Regards, Yan

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            Hi yan,


            Its working properly.Its indeed a useful message.