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Unable to Extract a Non-Common Property in EE7.9.2 using Partlister, Also Why Part Lister is Case Sensitive?

Question asked by bharadwaj.chalamchala on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2011 by eburt



We have been using Part Lister to extract few of the Non-Common Properties from the Dx-Designer Schematic. (Like Part Description or Height)

As you know and as noticed, Until EE2007.8 Part Lister can easily provide any of the non-common Attributes information Out, since it is only a matter of adding the proper Attribute Syntax using the Add Properties Option. (Case-Sensitivite, Why? Can Case-Sensitivity be removed from Part Lister?)


But, in EE7.9.2, as you know a lot of change has been made to the Part Lister. The flexibility of moving the Sl.No, QTY and REFDES around is pretty good and handy, but with respect to Properties it is not. The Properties listed in the Property Drop-Down Box are the only ones that the tool seems to recognize, for exporting out.


A peculiar Attribute which I wanted to export from the Schematic is "Height".(Height is the Property that gets added to each symbol thru Dx-Databook.)

After understanding that the non-common property has to be added to the Centlib.prp, I did it and wanted to find an improvement. I could change some other newly added non-common properties to common, but not Height.


For a migrated Design, since the map.cfg file is used, I could easily change all the required non-common properties to common. But for Schematics that are newly drawn in EE7.9.2 or that are updated from EE2007.8, seem to have this problem of being unable to change existing non-common properties to common or not being able to extract non-common properties.


Please suggest or advice on this. Hope I have explained it clearly.