GDSII Stream out error when doing Parasitic Extraction (xRC)

Discussion created by fazul on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by samantha_lizak

Hi everybody

I am using  Calibre 2009.1_26.20 Interface on Cadence IC6.1.5isr2 to run my Parasitic Extraction .


When i  do my  Parasitic Extraction using  xRC , i select layout format 'GDSII' and check 'Export from layout viewer'. ( Create a Calibreview) 


At the time of streaming out the GDSII data, the file created does not contain layout information and the initial LVS returns a NOT COMPARED error . As  a result my LPE stops.


When the same layout is streamed out from CIW in cadence and is referenced in  xRC for LPE, everything works fine.


Actually this error happens only occasionally, (on some cases i have been able to run properly), which makes it even more difficult to understand why its happening.


I am very new to Back End Verification, I have only run these tools very limited number of times,  so chances are high  that i might be doing some silly mistake . 


any help is much appreciated .