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    GDSII Stream out error when doing Parasitic Extraction (xRC)


      Hi everybody

      I am using  Calibre 2009.1_26.20 Interface on Cadence IC6.1.5isr2 to run my Parasitic Extraction .


      When i  do my  Parasitic Extraction using  xRC , i select layout format 'GDSII' and check 'Export from layout viewer'. ( Create a Calibreview) 


      At the time of streaming out the GDSII data, the file created does not contain layout information and the initial LVS returns a NOT COMPARED error . As  a result my LPE stops.


      When the same layout is streamed out from CIW in cadence and is referenced in  xRC for LPE, everything works fine.


      Actually this error happens only occasionally, (on some cases i have been able to run properly), which makes it even more difficult to understand why its happening.


      I am very new to Back End Verification, I have only run these tools very limited number of times,  so chances are high  that i might be doing some silly mistake . 


      any help is much appreciated .






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          Hi Fazul-


          I don't do much work with Calibre/Cadence integration, but I can point you to where I'm looking for information: Appendix A of the Calibre Interactive User's Manual. I don't see the term "Cadence IC" in it, so I am guessing you are using Encounter.


          The first thing I would suggest is checking the transcript.  If I recall correctly, Calibre Interactive has it in its own pane -- you get there by clicking a button that is in the column on the left. Errors and warnings are also printed to their own area in the pane, but it isn't perfect; may also want to eyeball the log.


          To see if the problem is just in LVS, you could try running in a mode that does not require it.  In the Netlist tab (where you set "CalibreView") , set "Use Names From" to LAYOUT.  If you are starting from the layout window, this should work even if LVS is broken.


          The last thing that occurs to me is that the newer versions of the Calibre Interactive manual mention that Cadence Encounter has settings for GDS export.  I don't know if the standard menus in v2010.1 include a Calibre > Setup selection, the way they do in newer versions. You may have to do some TCL programming.  This would be in the Cadence docs, though.


          Good luck-