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Copper to Drill setup does not seem to work

Question asked by rkondner on Aug 15, 2011
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I have a job (Split/Mixed planes) with 8 mil holes in 18 mil via pads and 6 mill copper clearence to the vias. So that means the drill to copper is 11 mils.


In the past I have seen board shops ask for 12. Worse yet the 8 mill drill gets oversized so I don't really have the 11 mils.


So I plugged 14 mils into the Drill to Copper setting and re-poured the plains.




So I moved up the Drill to Copper to 24 mills, still nothing.


It seeesm the SM Plane Pour ignores the drill to copper. Did I get that right?


Anyone familiar with this? What does Drill to Copper do?


Bob K.