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    Duplicating inter-design content in VeSys 2.0




         I have been working two related but separate circuit diagrams under designs in two separate projects. Now, i want to merge them both under the same design in one of the projects and so i tried to export from one project and import into the other however the import seems to only allow upload into the same project but separate design. I tried to copy the diagram in the design that i imported over to desired design and it worked, however the circuit defaulted to the generic connector and wire names instead of the ones i had specified. I tried also copying from the diagram while in its original/separate project over to the desired project and design but the same thing happened with the wire and connector names. Both circuits have quite abit of detail and it would therefore be very time consuming to redefine the wire & connector names and library p/n assignments, etc. Please help before i start growing grey hair prematurely.




      Bernard M.