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      I'm trying to read the "text" from GDSII and exporting to output(GDSII/ASCII), but after DRC run, calibre is not reading the "text" from the GDSII. Please find the attached GDSII and rule-file. Please let me know what change I have make to read and export those text objects.

      Source of the rule-file: Calibre® 2010.4 manual svrf_ur.pdf
      page no: 446  example 2:

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          I ran your testcase and it exported text objects VDD and A to layer 1000 texttype 0. This is normal. Test was performed with Calibre 2011.3.

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            Hi Govind-


            I haven't looked at your input, but if you set up test cases from examples the same way I do, you may be running into a small snag in that Calibre only processes layers with data, and rule checks only write out layers with edge, polygon, or error data. (They bring the text along also, but if a layer is nothing but text, it won't be written out.)  This is a Good Thing, because it lets Calibre run faster.  But if you are setting up very small tests with minimal input, it can bite you.


            The reminders actually came from Dan (the one who checked the example).  He knows I only use enough DRC to run RET testcases, but probably figured you know more about it than me. (And you probably do.)


            Best regards-