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    Vesys Design Should have more options ?


      Dear all,

      Vesys 2.0 Design should be compatible with MS Excel files which contains wiring data and automatically should do routing (pin to pin).

      Vesys 2.0 Design and Harness should both have some Standard customers components (connectors, devices, grommets, clamps, tapes, tubes, filler, etc..) and Symbols (electrical symbols, std. wire sizes like proper CSA & dia of wire conductor) in library which is on high demand from the customers.

      These are the Government Customers requirement.





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          Hi Samiulla,


          There is a method to import connectivity, from Excel into VeSys 2.0 Harness (please take a few mins to search the community for this document).  As for importing connectivity into VeSys 2.0 Design, this is much harder since that connectivity would need to be rendered onto one or more diagrams (since schematics can appear paginated, whereas harnesses appear on a single physical plane), Capital (CHS) does have a facitlity to auto-generate diagrams based on imported connectivity, but you should get in touch with your Business Development Manager for information about Capital tools, noting that we have not packaged this auto-view technology into VeSys 2.0




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