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    Error while


      Hi all,


      I'm new to padslayout.There is a scenario in which I have to auto renumber and back annotate the file to the schematics which is in Dx-designer.

      Before netlisting the schematics the REFDES of one of the component was U45 and after renumbering the PCB it is changed as  U6.

      The problem is that when I back-annotated the file in the Dx-designer, it shows the following error:


      "Package U6 not found. "


      Can anyone please explain why it happens and please give the solution to the problem??




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          Read through the ECO file.  It is text based and fairly straightforward.


          My guess is your back-annotate accidently got run twice, so after U6 got renamed once it can't be renamed again.  You'll probably see two sets of autorenumber sequences in the ECO file.  You'll need to delete one of these.  If all else fails, you can delete the ECO file and start from scratch with a board compare.