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    Problem with "Annotate Component with All Properties"


      We have recently transitioned from DC to DxDesigner/DxDatabook. The problem I'm dealing with right now is related to a converted design (DC to Dx). I know part of my problem stems from the fact that our Dx library is a "new" incarnation, not a 1 to 1 translation of the old DC library. We decided to take the opportunity to start from scratch with our Dx library, so we've changed the way a lot of things are done. Needless to say, that's created a number of issues when working with a translated design. I don't know if my current problem is one of those kinds of problems or not; I'm going through this design, using the "verify" to update the schematic with all the new DxDatabook properties. One of our new properties is called "SCHEMATIC_VALUE", When I update a symbol (or group of them) using the verify/annotate component with all properties function, the new "SCHEMATIC_VALUE" property is NOT coming in as it's defined in the library symbol, the font is different, and the location is different. In the library, the "SCHEMATIC_VALUE"  is located close to the symbol, as you would expect, but when it gets annotated in Dx, it's nearly 2 inches away from the symbol! Also, the text font as defined in the library symbol is SAN SERIF, but when it gets annotated, it comes in as "FIXED" . Can any shed some light on this, it's driving me crazy! I've got a 33 page converted schematic to clean up, and touching each and every part to change fonts and positions is not the best use of my time.


      Tom D.

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          I'm not sure I know where your problem comes from, but I have all sorts of issues with property placement and fonts in DxDesigner anyway.  e.g. when packaging, it deletes R? so the property loses its position, then it puts in a new RefDes, but in a different place!


          I'd suggest right-click  "Reset test properties" and "Reposition Properties".  These 2 seem to fix the problem (at least until the next package) also thankfully, you can select all on the sheet to do it en-masse.  God forbid you make the mistake of wanting a resistor horizontally on the sheet instead of vertically though!


          A word of caution though.  I would not ever, never recommend migrating designs.  I am going through living hell at the moment, fixing a migrated design.  This one even has a migrated library, but there are still lots of issues that come from a design done in DC converted to DxD.  Be particularly careful with instance names because DxD seems to keep them, and after editing you may end up with duplicates.  Netnames being automatically set with the hierarcy e.g. "EOD\detect" which then causes an error, and you have to delete the entire net from the whole design, re-package and then put it back....  (I know at least one shop that just ditched Expedition and went to Altium rather than move to DxD and I'm now thinking that it was less money, less work, less upheavel and less relearning)

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            Wow, a 2011 post that apparently was missed.  I am assuming the issue is now resolved.  If not, my first suggestion is to look up non-common properties technote MG511904.  Generally when a property is not defined when originally brought into the design, it is flagged as non-common.

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              I was surprised as well, to see a reply to my 2+ year-old post!


              This post was made very shortly after making the switch to Dx (from DC); and if that change wasn't enough, we decided to try to convert a 33-page DC schematic. Learned a lot since then. If I remember correctly, our Mentor field rep worked with me quite a bit as we attempted to clean up that converted database.


              I am still waiting for a quick and easy way to update all parts/symbols in a Dx schematic, from our DxDatabook database. We've made a number of changes to our database since it's introduction, and any older designs that get revisited need a bit of work to get all the properties up to date. We are planning to add near real-time costing to our database at some point, and when that happens, the need for an easy way to update properties from the database will be much greater. I sure hope better property management is on the near horizon in the development department. I'd be happy to share what we would like to see, if there is any interest. I think I have a pretty good write-up of our needs, attached to one of the "ideas" on the idea site.


              Tom D.