How to set differential CK when using EBD model.

Discussion created by xuezhuan.gu on Aug 25, 2011
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I'm using EBD model to simulate RDIMM, but I have a trouble how to set the termination of the differential CK0/CK0# in Hyperlynx 8.1.

In EBD model, there is description about the resistor:


| Since ebd standards do not incorporate correct modeling of differential

| traces CK0/CK0# the differential resistors (R19) are

| assigned as an external component for reference designator. The

| components for the differential resistors are defined in series

| resistor ibis model r_120.ibs. If your simulation tool does not support

| series resistor models please add the differential resistor in the

| simulation setup file in order to get correct results.


| This File uses u68a.ibs file released

| Rev 2.2: 05/24/2010

| This file incorporates package parasitics from the u68aX8_2cob.ebd, released Rev 2.1: 02/26/2010.


| Please select the appropriate speed grade models through [Model Selector]

| for 800Mbps choose *_800 models.


| This EBD represents the typical board with a nominal impedance of 60ohms

| and a dielectric constant of 4.2



How can I do in Hyperlynx 8.1, thanks.