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    any way to mirror a layout


      Does anyone have a script or program that would mirror a layout ?


      I thought I read of this on another usergroup forum, but I can't locate the saved info


      Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated



      Eric S.

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          yes, with a few caveats

          works with 2007 but may not work with later or earlier

          data base must be centered so when mirrored none of the data doesn't go out of bounds or it will fail

          may fail for other reasons


          do a search for capacad design & john brown, I think it's called PADSASCII or similar

          it is the best solution, ignore all others, you will be wasting your time

          been there done that, have the T-shirts to prove it

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            that's the link, thanks .....



            I download the ZIP and will install soon to try

            - I'll let you know results when I get into it