Getting "hyperlinks" into the DxDesigner Output Window

Discussion created by ics on Sep 9, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by mjohnson

I have a utility that scans a schematic extracting Bill of Material information. As part of the extraction process component attributes are checked against our internal company standards. If any components are found to be in error (e.g Value set to TBA!, part numbers not specified etc) then details are listed to the Output Window in a new tab. So far so good.


What I really want now is to be able to click on a line on the output window and then have the the system select and zoom in on the corresponding component. Now either there is some special format I have to use when writing to this window or I have to make use of the IHtmlCtrl->RegisterErrorExpression function (exported from OutputWindow70.dll). Either way I am now stumped by the total lack of documentation / example code. Has anyone else come up against this?