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How do you un-grey out T-line right-mouse 'coupled' option?

Question asked by Mike_Farrell on Sep 13, 2011
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I'm using the HyperLynx SI GHz pkg.  Creating a LineSim free-form schematic, need to couple some T-Lines to create differential line but the t-line select right-mouse 'coupled' is greyed out.  I've selected all the setup licenses but still t-line couple is greyed out.  Read the LineSim User Guide page 143, Right-click>Couple but it's greyed out.  I did discover, from Ian Dodds "HyperLynx Quick Tour" webcast GHz chapter that if I select a transmissin-line then control+left mouse select a second T-line the Couple is not greyed out.  Subsequently knowing this now I think this might of been what the user guide might of been saying but it reads more like how to select and unselect using other t-lines.  So what is the method in LineSim to couple t-lines?


Note on right-mouse selecting a t-line the edit is limited to only two tabs: type and Values.