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    How do you un-grey out T-line right-mouse 'coupled' option?


      I'm using the HyperLynx SI GHz pkg.  Creating a LineSim free-form schematic, need to couple some T-Lines to create differential line but the t-line select right-mouse 'coupled' is greyed out.  I've selected all the setup licenses but still t-line couple is greyed out.  Read the LineSim User Guide page 143, Right-click>Couple but it's greyed out.  I did discover, from Ian Dodds "HyperLynx Quick Tour" webcast GHz chapter that if I select a transmissin-line then control+left mouse select a second T-line the Couple is not greyed out.  Subsequently knowing this now I think this might of been what the user guide might of been saying but it reads more like how to select and unselect using other t-lines.  So what is the method in LineSim to couple t-lines?


      Note on right-mouse selecting a t-line the edit is limited to only two tabs: type and Values.

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          If the nets are already part of a coupling group, then you can't use the right mouse option.  You have to go into the Edit Transmission line dialog and move the transmission lines so they are part of the same coupling group on the 'Move to Coupling Region' tab.  You can easily tell if the transmission line is part of a coupling group in the schematic because the left or right side of the transmission line symbol will have a green dot on it. 


          Another option would be to remove the transmission line from a coupling group by selecting the 'Uncoupled (single line)' Stackup button (instead of selecting the Coupling Stackup button).  This would allow you to do the right-mouse click couple option.



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            Thanks Steve,  want I learned which is to obvious you select your T-lines, at least two then right mouse select and you get the 'coupled' option.  This what the user guide was basically telling me but the simple thought process was not coming through.  Need to start using HyperLynx more often than ever 4 years.