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How to change via sizes

Question asked by benno.koerselman on Sep 20, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2011 by colin_tunnoch

Dear all,


I'm pretty new to PADS 9.2, but I can find my way trough the most important functions of the SDD suite. My current PCB is almost finished, the only thing I can't find is the option to change the via sizes on my board. I did find a list where all (only 1, STANDARDVIA) my via types are listed (Design properties -> Via biasing) and to select a different type/size (right click on via -> Via type)  . But I can't find the place to edit/add other via types to this list.


I have tried to find information in the help-documents, google, etc. Still haven't found an answer, which is pretty lame because this is the last thing I need to edit before my PCB is finished...